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hospitality // value

collective venture approaches the idea of entertaining from a value-driven ethic. at the core of our work is bringing people together with great food and great drinks from great sources. hospitality, at its core, is an engagement with places and people. working in this way, every event is unique and personal.

we believe that chefs should have equity in their creative design and physical labor. 

chef jazer syed

jazer syed grew up in detroit, where he was raised by two parents who loved to cook the food they grew up with from india and from the philippines. he learned early on that food has a central role in creating connections and celebrating family.

he has been cooking in restaurants for over ten years. starting as a culinary student, he moved on to work in some of the city's best kitchens, cooking french-canadian, portuguese-macanese, and midwestern farm-to-table cuisines.


his love for travel deepens his practice in the kitchen. he has shared meals at tables all over the world, from visiting family across southern asia to dining solo at joe beef in montreal to exploring the coasts of portugal and spain.

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